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Credo Friends & Family Sale Picks!

Hi Everyone! Credo is having a 20% off everything sale and I wanted to let you guys know my top picks! They carry a lot of brands you typically can’t find at other retailers (and that don’t go on sale) so if you have been looking at any of these items, here are my thoughts!

Dates: 10/21-10/24


➡️ Rituelle De Fille Ash \u0026 Ember Eye Soots
(Half Light, Love Spell, Golden Age, Exuviae, Anima)

➡️ Sephora Pro 18 Shadow Brush

➡️ Kjaer Weis Cream Blushes
(Blossoming, Inner Glow, Joyful)

➡️ Kjaer Weis Cream Eyeshadow

➡️ Tower 28 Sunny Days SPF 30
(Larchmont, Melrose)

➡️ Westman Atilier Lit Up Stick

➡️ Kosas Revealer Concealer
(1, 1.5C)

➡️ Kosas 10 Second Eyeshadow
(Globe, Copper Halo)

Rituelle De Fille Rare Light Luminizer

➡️ Rituelle De Fille Enchanted Lip Sheer
(Whitethorn, Rue)

➡️ Tower 28 Shine On Lip Jelly

➡️ Kjaer Weis Im-Possible Mascara

➡️ Rituelle De Fille Color Nectar Pigment Balms
(Bee Sting, Snapdragon)

-My Current Skincare Routine-
Morning Active:
Night Active: Tretinoin .025%
Morning Moisturizer:
Night Cream:

-My Current Haircare Routine-
Hair Mask:
Volume Mist:
My fav hairbrush:
My fav hair ties:

FTC Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. All opinions are my own! Product links included are affiliate links, which means I can make a small commission through purchases. This helps to support my channel if you do use them. Feel free to also not use them! Thank you for watching either way :)
Treva : You should do a video on best brushes for cream products.
DasTraumTheater : Have you ever tried Make-up by Nabla? Their eyeshadows look so interesting and I think the shadow single in the shade “water dream” could 100% be your thing. I’d be so curious what you think about the brand. And thanks for the beautiful content you release ♥️
Kiran Mehta : Cant wait for the glossy/wet looking eyeshadows video.... hope you upload ti soon.
Harley : I absolutely love the Ash & Ember Eye Soots, Golden Age and Serpent de Mer are my absolute favorite shades. I haven't found any shades that come close to them anywhere, especially once I get the dupes on my skin.
TheSim1derful : The Colour Nectar Pigment Balms in Snapdragon and Wasp are my holy grails. That's interesting you liked Bee Sting's formula more - I loved the transluscence of Snapdragon and Wasp, but found Bee Sting more milky and slippy, as well as less buildable and pigmented than the orange and yellow.

Sale అయిపోయింది కానీ ….? || Nandu's World || CRAZY Family 2021|| Telugu vlog

*****************sampradayavedika **************

Hi All
Welcome to Nandu's World CRAZY Family Web Series

Cast : Nandu , Madhu ,Bannu \u0026 Bittu
Edited by Aman Khan
Direction \u0026 Script :Nandu
Publicity designer: dhananjay
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Child Artist : Rohan


Editor : Aman Khan​

Publicity Designer : Dhananjay


Hope you like it ..!!!
Thank you for Watching \u0026 Subscribing too …. XOXO

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Y SAHITI : Awsome Vedio Nandana.. you wouldnt believe two weeks back nenu oka chinna valla ilage neck band veskovalsi vachindi… apudu nenu same to same ilage react ayyanu… i didnt miss going to parties matching outfits and even shopping…. Iroju ee vedio choosi ma friends andaru concept ninnu choose teesara annaru!!
Keep doing fun work Nandana… as we have a lot of common friends may be we will meet someday in any parties in London❤️
Swapna Konchada : Ultimate Nandana I laughed a lot after revealing the belt buy reason really wonderful timing
Sri Latha Giraboni : Chala funny ga undhi akka
Meru chala chala entertain chestaru
You are the best akka
Srinivasa Rao Kommineni : Super concept Nandu. How do you get such ideas. So funny. I like Madhu saying virigina visanakarra joke Finally, your motivational talk is appreciated All the best
Usha Rani : I like ur motivation speech yes its percent. True one day life will turn into a golden day's apativaraku manam manala undali

Moody 425 For Sale. Affordable, Safe Cruising Yacht Ready for Your Family to Sail Around The World!

Meet 'Amarillo', the strong, seaworthy and incredibly roomy Moody 425, one of the safest, and most remarkably conceived ocean cruising yacht ever created, and especially sought after by families who don't want a dangerously large boat but still want plenty of room to live-aboard with their family and go sailing around the world. Full details are now live at
This Moody 425 was given an extensive refurbishment and throughout look-over in preparation for her 2 year voyage from Denmark to Tahiti. It is fully equipped and ready for you to fly over and hop aboard to begin your own adventures.
Slow Travelling : What a fantastic trip and a great video! We are a fellow Moody 425 sailing family and can absolutely attest to the fact that they are great family cruising boats . Best of luck with the sale of your boat.
Patrick Fickey : Been watching you guys for awhile just seen this video and me and the wife are looking for a centercockpit live aboard and was so excited to think i might could own this vessel.... Sad to hear that ship has already sailed she is a beauty... Just the same ty all for giving me and my wife a window into your lives and a glimpse of our future
Ed Rosenberger : This has the best description and specifications for this size boat I have seen in Yachtworld....thank you! Your children speak excellent English, understandably even better than their parents. Can they also speak Danish? Everything has a different word and unlike you parents, I am not smart enough to learn a new language.
Rasmus Stærke : Amazing, Henrik. What an adventure. Looking forward to hear more when you're all back in Denmark. /Rasmus
Rick A : Memories of a lifetime great family great boat!


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